Listen for cyclone warnings – Met Service

Thursday January 16, 2020 Written by Published in Weather

Cook Islanders are being urged to take heed of cyclone warnings from the Cook Islands Meteorological Service over the next few days as cyclone TD4F brews in the northwest.


A tropical cyclone alert has been put into force for Fiji where tropical lows are expected to intensify to a named category 1 Tropical Cyclone.

Media reports in Fiji warned its locals that a tropical depression was located 550 kilometres west of Rotuma and 810 kilometres northwest of Nadi yesterday.

Moving at 30 knots eastward by the afternoon, Fiji locals were likely to experience heavy rain, flash flooding, sea flooding and damaging winds.

Arona Ngari, director at Cook Islands Meteorological Service, said the cyclone was likely to intensify into a category 2 cyclone over the next few days. Cook Islanders ought to be cautious and prepared, and to take heed of any warnings.

“There’s a good chance it will affect us, maybe by the weekend.”

A cyclone is born from a tropical depression or a disturbance in the warm seas of the tropics. Commonly known as hurricanes in the US and typhoons in Southeast Asia.

When they reach a minimum of 35knots close to the centre or the eye of the system, then the cyclone is given a name.

Ngari says the cyclone was likely to be given a name today. If so, it would be called Tropical Cyclone Tino.

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