Weather stops visit by liner

Thursday February 14, 2019 Written by Published in Weather

Cruise ship Europa 2 cancelled its trip to Rarotonga today due to adverse weather.


In a statement, Cook Islands Tourism said due to the current weather conditions Europa 2 had to amend its itinerary.

This change means they will no longer call into Rarotonga as scheduled, the statement added.

German cruise liner Europa 2 is scheduled to visit Rarotonga again on February 24 followed by Costa Luminosa on February 27. Costa Luminosa is an Italian cruise liner with a capacity of about 2800 passengers.

“As weather conditions can be uncertain, disembarking will not be confirmed until the morning of arrivals and is totally dependent on the assessments by the captain and/or agent,” Cook Islands Tourism said.

Last year the cancellation rate mainly due to the weather was around 20 per cent.

Cook Islands has had 38 cruise ships scheduled for the 2018 calendar year, with about 15 of those cruise ships scheduled for Rarotonga and 15 to Aitutaki.

Eight vessels did not arrive due to bad weather.

Cruise ship tourism contributes significantly to the local economy through tours, foreign exchange, local bus rides, cafes and telecommunications.

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