Anti-cyclone system triggers rain

Wednesday May 16, 2018 Written by Published in Weather

The bad weather which has brought unexpected rain and gusty winds to Rarotonga was triggered by an anti-cyclone system southwest of the Cook Islands.

Meteorological Service director Arona Ngari said the weather conditions experienced on Rarotonga were due to pressure from this system.

Ngari said in the centre of the anti-cyclone system, weather conditions would be perfect. However, along its ridges, gusty winds could be experienced, he added.

He said occasional rain with cloudy conditions was due to the trough line that was affecting the southern Cook Islands.

“Anti-cyclone is a high pressure system. It’s the opposite of the cyclone. Anti-cyclone brings good weather which is experienced at the centre of system, while along the circumference, there can be high winds. We are along the circumference and that’s why we are experiencing this kind of weather,” Ngari said.

“The weather is expected to normalise by the weekend.”

Ngari said the wind pressure was higher at sea compared to land.

He is asking people to exercise caution and carry a raincoat or umbrella to work this week.

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