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Depressions pose no threat

Tuesday February 06, 2018 Written by Published in Weather

Despite the presence of two tropical depressions in the Southwest Pacific this week, the Cook Islands are not at risk from a cyclone, says the Met Office.


One depression lies to the north of Vanuatu and the other to the south of Fiji, and the chances of either developing into a cyclone over the next few days are low to moderate, according to Fiji’s regional cyclone tracking centre.

Local Met Office director Arona Ngari said that neither depression showed signs of intensifying and added that their location meant they were unlikely to pose any threat to the Cook Islands.

He added that despite the recent warm weather the outlook remains positive.

Ngari also said that although there was some activity in the convergence zone that lies over the Cook Islands and French Polynesia, there was nothing significant to worry meteorologists.

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