Cyclone Winston not a threat here

Saturday February 13, 2016 Written by Published in Weather

Cook Islands may start feeling the effects of Tropical Cyclone Winston with some rough seas by Monday.


The cyclone continues to gain momentum, upgrading to category four yesterday, and lies slow moving south east of Fiji.

Cyclone Winston is carrying winds at a speed of 63 knots, and at the centre of its system is travelling at 105 knots.

Cook Islands Meteorological Services director Arona Ngari said there were no warnings in place for the Cook Islands.

“The system is moving south east of Fiji and moving towards cooler waters. We could have the effect on the condition of seas by Monday.

“At the moment, the system doesn’t show any signs of directly passing through land like Cyclone Tatiana.”

Cyclone Winston seems to be following the path of Cyclone Dolly which caused damage to Cook Islands in 1969.

Ngari said they would continue monitoring the system closely to track down its projected path.

Meanwhile, a frontal system with associated cloud and showers lies slow moving over the southern part of the group.

This is expected to bring occasional showers and possible thunderstorms over most places.

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