Cyclone Winstone watched cautiously

Friday February 12, 2016 Written by Published in Weather

Cook Islands may face the brunt of Cyclone Winston by Thursday next week if the category two cyclone remains on its projected path.


According to the, the cyclone which lies slow moving between Vanuatu and Fiji, is following a projection path which leads to the Cook Islands by next week.

Cook Islands Meteorological Services (CIMS) say there are no warnings in place for the country as they continue to monitor the path of Cyclone Winston.

The cyclone remains slow moving, indicating it’s gaining strength traveling at six knots, and carrying wind at a speed of 60 knots at the centre of its system.

Apart from Cyclone Winston, the Pacific Oceania is also threatened by the presence of Cyclone Tatiana which is also likely to strengthen rapidly with winds up to 150 kilometre per hour.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) meteorologist Ben Noll told Radio New Zealand that Cyclone Winston was moving south east of Vanuatu and Cyclone Tatiana will pass west of New Caledonia.

More updates on these cyclones and their effect on the Cook Islands is expected by Monday from CIMS director Arona Ngari, who returns back home tonight.

Meanwhile, a trough with associated cloud and showers lies slow moving to the southwest of the southern group.

Occasional showers and possible thunderstorm has been forecasted for about and south of Rarotonga with brief showers elsewhere. 

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