Cold snap has locals reaching for jerseys

Saturday July 18, 2015 Written by Published in Weather

July is turning into the coldest month of the year on Rarotonga – so far.


The latest statistics from the Cook Islands Meteorological Service shows the average temperature so far this month in Rarotonga stands at 20.7C.

The last two days were the coldest, with the mercury dropping to 19C

The monthly average temperature for last month was 21.7C which is lower than the temperatures recorded in the previous months this year.

January had an average temperature of 25.9, February 26.8, March 25.8, April 24.6 and May 22.5C.

The average temperature for July last year was 21.4C with August being the coldest at 20.9C

The average annual temperature for 2014 was 24C. 

Many long-time Rarotonga residents have observed that the weather has been colder this month than they can recall for many years, prompting many to dig out coats and jerseys which are usually reserved for winter trips to New Zealand and Australia. Hot water bottles continue to be popular with some who get cold feet at night, while even tourists have been observed wearing more than the usual visitors’ ‘uniform’ of a t-shirt and shorts.

Scooter riders have been particularly feeling the effects of the lower temperatures, with most getting well ‘rugged up’ before venturing out on the road in the evening.

Unfortunately the outlook for this month and next is for more cold weather, with the Met Service recently predicting that temperatures could fall to a chilly low of 13C later this month and in August.

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