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Damp outlook for New Year’s Eve

Tuesday December 30, 2014 Written by Published in Weather
The weather outlook for New Years is not looking too cheerful. The weather outlook for New Years is not looking too cheerful.

A tropical depression which threatened the northern Cook Islands last week was responsible for the wet weather which hampered Christmas

Day celebrations on Rarotonga.

And the bad news is, it’s likely to be even wetter on New Year’s Eve.

Cook Islands Met Service director Arona Ngari says last week’s initial predictions of sunny Christmas Day weather with some cloud changed suddenly when the depression produced rain, strong winds and big waves.

“The waves came through more strongly than expected as a result of storm surges, with high swells from the northeast.”

Yesterday afternoon the tropical depression was positioned about 400 miles northeast of Atiu and would probably continue to batter Rarotonga with high seas. The storm is now moving slowly towards French Polynesia, with another now forming closely behind it, says Ngari.

“It’s just a depression at the moment, but we’re keeping an eye on it.”

If the forecast is correct it will certainly put a dampener on New Year’s Eve celebrations. The weather for the rest of this week could be even wetter than last week, with rain persisting from Wednesday to Saturday, says Ngari.

“There will be some very heavy falls on Thursday and Friday, easing off on Saturday and Sunday.”

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