Drought warning for the Pa Enua

Monday September 14, 2020

There is a high chance of dry weather conditions for Penrhyn, Rakahanga and Manihiki. 

Cooks to be warned of tsunamis

Monday August 31, 2020

High-tech buoys by Tonga Trench should alert Cook Islands to dangerous tidal waves.

US satellite splash-down

Saturday August 29, 2020

It was in September 1964 that NASA launched the satellite OGO-1 into orbit to study Earth’s magnetic environment and how the planet interacts with the sun.

A flash flood warning was in place overnight, after Rarotonga’s heaviest downpour in more than three years. 

Blame NZ for the cold

Saturday August 01, 2020

A weather system coming out of New Zealand is causing intermittent rain and cool spells in Rarotonga.

New cyclone forecasting tool

Wednesday July 22, 2020

New science allows storm-planning six months out, aided by older knowledge like the arrival of mangoes, the incidence of fish poisoning, and the spread of predatory starfish. 

Dark day

Saturday June 29, 2019

Once, solar eclipses caught ancient cultures unaware; they fled terrified, believing they’d angered the gods. Now astronomers can predict them – and those with enough money pursue an eclipse around the planet. 

Cooks tourism should capitalise on eclipse and stargazing.

Next month’s solar eclipse will draw astronomy enthusiasts to the Pacific Ocean south of the Cook Islands and French Polynesia.

Cyclone danger lessening

Monday March 04, 2019

Cook Islands may have escaped the brunt of a cyclone this season after latest tropical storm Pola dissipated in waters outside of Tonga.

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