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Submarine cable comes ashore

Tuesday December 17, 2019

Aitutaki landing celebrates end of long and complex project.

Infrastructure workers told to stop sealing unsealed roads, and instead use their scant resources to maintain the existing road network. 

The Cook Islands’ rebranded phone and internet company will have to ‘tick off’ international compliance requirements set by Vodafone global.

Don’t be blue, telco in the red

Thursday January 16, 2020

It was Telecom. Then it was Bluesky. Now it’s Vodafone. Confused? Don’t be – the company that once was blue is now working very hard to sell it’s new red brand.

Monopoly telco Vodafone is responding to the Covid-19 economic crisis by giving domestic customers free phone connections and half-price broadband.

Vodafone Cook Islands is to test-drive a new communication satellite that promises a broader footprint over the country than some existing satellites.

Regulator ready for new telco

Saturday February 22, 2020

The official process of inviting a potential telecom operator to rival Vodafone Cook Islands will begin next month.

Manatua cable is set to be a trans-Polynesian information superhighway, connecting more Pacific islands than ever before. 

Design flaws mean the plan to connect the Manatua cable through Samoa, using the Samoan-owned Tui Cable and Fiji, and then onto the Southern Cross cable will provide bandwidth to the Cook Islands at around $161 a month per Mbs for a 1Gbps lease for three years.

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