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Bluesky replaces scheduled promos with ad hoc deals

Friday October 04, 2019 Written by Published in Technology
Phillip Henderson. 16042740 Phillip Henderson. 16042740

Bluesky says it’s changed the way it runs prepaid promotions.

This comes after concerns were raised by disgruntled customers about the disappearance of data deals like Saturday bonus credit promotion and weekend deals.

Manager Phillip Henderson said they had changed how they released their prepaid promotions, to make them available when there was spare capacity, rather than on a regular schedule.

There would still be just as many promotions – but not at the same times as they had been previously.

This was not an attempt to move customers onto post-paid plans, he said, as it was actually move valuable to the company to be paid its bill in advance.

“Post-paid and prepaid services are targeted at different customer types,” he explained. “Typically post-paid customers are those that the company is comfortable extending credit to, while prepaid customer don’t require credit facilities and can pay as they go.”

Customers had complained to Cook Islands News about an apparent drop-off in promotions. “In the past we had a number of promotions on a regular basis, but that seems to have stopped,” said one. “Even the popular Saturday bonus top up which all of us look forward to is no longer available.”

Another said: “The data deals Bluesky now provide are not as regular as it used to be a month or so ago. Also, the data deals before lasted the whole weekend as opposed to a day only now.”

But Henderson said Bluesky had looked at what other operators in the region offered and found they actually offered more prepaid promotions and deals than most.

Some customers had become accustomed to standard promotions on specific days – that would no longer be the case.

“We continue to see growth in subscription to the promos offered, so this is an indicator that customers see the value offered.”

Prepaid customers make up to approximately 80 per cent of Bluesky’s active mobile customers.

Henderson said this remained consistent, adding it was typical of mobile operator customer segments.

“Promos by their nature are special and are scheduled when we believe they are most effective in driving sales of prepaid data when we have excess capacity on our network,” he said.

“We do have some exciting deals coming up over the Rugby World Cup and customers can look forward to these over the next four weeks.”

Lately Bluesky has amplified its Wi-Fi promotion, providing regular deals to internet users who have access to its hotspots around the country.

Henderson said Wi-Fi was a sensible way of offloading demand on the mobile network.

“We have over 800 Wi-Fi across the country and continue to add hotspots where they are viable. This is a high percentage given the size of the population and the Wi-Fi Hotspot consumption has quadrupled over the last two years.”

Henderson said they were always happy to consider customer concerns and invite them to contact Bluesky through their various channels.