NES gathers e-waste info

Friday May 29, 2015 Written by Published in Technology

THE National Environment Services (NES) is calling on the public to supply information on how much white ware and e-waste is out there on the island.

In a campaign which is enticed by some prizes, NES wants to find out the white ware and e-waste in Rarotonga so it can plan their disposal.

According to manager Islands Future Division of NES Louisa Karika, there were large volumes of these wastes on the island.

She was pleased with the response received so far from the public.

“The response we have received is very positive. We have been getting lots of phone calls, emails and people are also dropping off filled forms,” Karika said.

NES is working on the submitted forms and will be able to compile a report based on the submissions so far next week, she said.

It will use the information from the report to plan ways to dispose these wastes.

“First step is to find out how much waste is there. We need to find out how big the problem is before we can plan on doing something about it.”

NES is looking forward to working with its overseas partners and private sectors locally to dispose the white ware and e-waste.

For more information on this campaign, visit the NES website on or call 21256.   

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