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PNG signs up for O3b

Sunday January 27, 2013 Written by Published in Technology

Hot on the heels of the American Samoa service announcement last week, O3b has announced a deal with Digicel Papua New Guinea.

Digicel PNG also recently announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Kordia, the New Zealand company specialising in telecommunications installations.

Kordia will be responsible for assembling and installing Cook Islands’ O3b Tier 1 terminal equipment at Aroa in February, and will probably oversee the installations of the outer island terminals as well, says Telecom chief executive Jules Maher.

O3b is building a constellation of satellites that will orbit the equator at 8,000 km above the Earth - a quarter of the distance of Telecom’s existing satellites. This is said by the company to give faster internet at broadband speeds, as well as reduce roundtrip delay for voice calls and web surfing.

Rarotonga and the southern group are due to get the faster service in July. The northern group will also benefit as Telecom will redirect the geostationary satellite capacity currently used in the southern group to the northern group, making their internet service more efficient as well.

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