Google street view coming to Raro

Wednesday February 06, 2019

The Cook Islands is an island country in the middle of the southern Pacific Ocean and is one of the region’s fastest growing economies.

Over 7000 entry texts were received for the Bluesky Win a Christmas Experience Campaign in support of cancer screening in the Cook Islands.

Bluesky Cook Islands country manager Phillip Henderson says a number of email options are available to Cook Islands residents who can no longer use their Oyster email addresses.

ANZ boosts its Pacific app

Wednesday December 19, 2018

The ANZ bank has added new features to its ANZ Pacific App to make banking on the go easier and more secure for its Cook Islands and Pacific customers.

People who wish to continue with their Oyster email services (i.e. can do so now after a local IT expert took over the services from Bluesky Cook Islands.

New Zealand’s decision to block a proposal to use telecommunications equipment made by China’s Huawei because of national security concerns will have little impact on the Cook Islands, says Bluesky country manager Phillip Henderson.

A new initiative to advance women’s entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific was recently by the UN General Assembly in New York.

Sudden data loss angers customer

Wednesday October 03, 2018

A frustrated customer of the local telecommunication and internet provider is crying foul at what he describes as “unexpected chewing of data” from his monthly plan.

Manatua Cable still on the table

Monday August 27, 2018

The Chamber of Commerce is still communicating with government regarding the Manatua Cable in spite of their differences of opinion over cost aspects, says the organisation’s president, Stephen Lyon.

The Chamber recently issued a statement criticising the Manatua Cable’s design. The statement claimed Manatua would supply broadband at a much higher cost than a new option involving installing a branch cable from American Samoa to the Manatua Cable.

However, the government’s response came in a press release last week announcing that it was going ahead as planned with the Manatua Cable project The release said that while supporters of the American Samoa TeleCommunications Authority (ASTCA) had made an approach to the Cook Islands seeking support to consider a new branch cable from American Samoa, no formal offer from ASTCA with pricing details had been submitted for consideration.

“Concerns raised by the Chamber of Commerce on this proposal and the Manatua cable are being considered carefully and the government looks to further discussion on those issues,” the release said.

In an email to CINews, Lyon said the Chamber of Commerce was not satisfied that the government’s press release allayed all the concerns the Chamber had raised in its original statement.

This was particularly the case with costing for options now on the table with a connection that involved a branch to American Samoa connecting with Hawaiiki, he added.

“We are also concerned that potential conflict of interest issues regarding the fact that Samoa is both a member of and supplier to the Manatua consortium have not been sufficiently addressed.

“Government is privy to reports the Chamber has not seen and we are hopeful that (it) will share these in the interests of transparency and public interest, so that we may all make better informed decisions on the matter.

“We also hope government will take heed of these issues, and hold off any payment that will execute the cable-laying contract until such time as better dialogue and understanding takes place.”

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