Parliament sits to pass Covid law

Wednesday April 29, 2020 Written by Published in Politics

Parliament has announced a special sitting tomorrow afternoon, to pass changes to the Covid-19 emergency powers.

The Amendment to the Covid-19 Act is one of four bills that will be tabled in this session.

The Act imposed domestic travel bans, extended school holidays, restricted alcohol sales and public gatherings, and imposed supervised quarantine on arrival in Rarotonga.

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Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown said the Amendment to Covid-19 2020 Act was the only new bill. The other bills are already before Parliament: the Public Expenditure Review Committee and Audit Amendment Bill, the Financial Services Development Authority Amendment Bill, and the Customs Amendment Bill.

Acting Clerk of Parliament Jeannine Daniel said the special sitting was expected to go for a day, but that depended on the amendment progress. Social distancing practices would be in place for tomorrow’s meeting.

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