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Thursday December 05, 2019 Written by Published in Politics
Parliament will sit next week at the Crown Beach Resort. 19120476 Parliament will sit next week at the Crown Beach Resort. 19120476

MPs will sit this month in a 4½ star resort, because Parliament’s renovations aren’t finished.

Parliamentarians were promised a brand-spanking new Chamber for the next sitting, scheduled for Monday.

While the Chamber is still under construction, the government has chosen an alternative venue that could possibly come close to fulfilling their promise.

The final sitting for the year will be held at a four-and-a-half star rated resort in Arorangi.

The Crown Beach Resort conference room will host and cater for the 24 MPs and the Parliament staff for the scheduled 10-day sitting.

Clerk of Parliament Tangata Vainerere said they looked at other options after delay in the completion of the new $300,000 Chamber. The Crown Beach Resort was their best alternative, he said.

The venue is used for this week’s workshop involving MPs in select committees looking at various Bills before the House.

Vainerere said all they had to do was to move the rest of the logistics to the Crown Beach Resort to convene the sitting.

He said the sitting arrangement of the MPs would be dictated by the space availability.

The resort says their conference room can cater for anywhere between 10 and 150 people and offers state of the art communication technology.

Vainerere said: “There will be movement of logistics, facilities, and staff and we have to reset all those things over there but I wouldn’t call it a nightmare.

“From recent memory, I don’t think we have had any parliamentary sitting offsite.”

Normally each sitting costs the Parliament about $8000 daily, but Vainerere said the upcoming session was expected to cost more considering the venue hiring fee and other logistical expenses involved.

The catering will also be done by the resort as per their policy which states no outside caterers are allowed in their premises, he said.

“The funding will come from our budget allocation for the Parliament sitting. Of course there will be a little bit of extra cost because we have to hire the room where the meeting will take place and also cater for additional space for admin staff to set up photocopiers and equipment like that, somewhere we can use as base for our management and coordinators.”

The December sitting will see 16 Bills and a number of papers presented to the House.

Vainerere said: “We have quite a lot of Bills and a lot of business in this upcoming sitting. There are also some papers with regulations to be put through the House and we have few annual reports which is great”.

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    10 days? That would be some kind of record, surely!

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