Stephen Lyon’s message to New Zealand: ‘I’ll be back’

Thursday November 07, 2019 Written by Published in Politics
Stephen Lyon and his family. 19092213/ 19092214 Stephen Lyon and his family. 19092213/ 19092214

For the past year, Pacific Divers director Stephen Lyon has been being working towards the goal of becoming the New Zealand National Party candidate for the South Auckland electorate of Botany.


However, that came to an end last week when the pre-selection committee did not advance Lyon’s nomination to the selection phase.

Lyon hoped he could bring fresh eyes to Botany after moving back to New Zealand.

Now, the former chief executive of Air New Zealand Christopher Luxon has become the National party’s official candidate for the Auckland seat of Botany.

Lyon announced on social media, “Christopher Luxon as expected, won the nomination to become the National Candidate for 2020, and in doing so showed himself to be a formidable communicator, and very aware of the political landscape,” said Lyon.

Lyon added Luxon will certainly be a fine candidate and MP, Botany is in the very best of hands.

Lyon was able to attend the Botany National Party selection and was impressed with the calibre of the nominees.

“Botany is my home in New Zealand, it is where I grew up and lived before moving to the Cook Islands, I am very disappointed I will not get the opportunity to represent the many fine people of the electorate,” said Lyon.

The seat was always going to be incredibly competitive but Lyon said there would be other opportunities with the New Zealand National Party that he would pursue.

“From here it is back to my family and back to work. However, this is not the end of this journey by any means... I will be back.”

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