PM Puna warns on opponents’ overseas comments

Thursday April 18, 2019 Written by Published in Politics
Henry Puna.19040906 Henry Puna.19040906

Prime minister Henry Puna has warned the Opposition against carrying and promoting their own agenda while representing the country at international meetings.


Puna said he has been getting reports that when Opposition go on workshops, they are not representing the Cook Islands.

“What you are doing is you are taking the political will from our country to that meeting you attend,” Puna said in Parliament last week.

“I have spoken about this two years ago in this House and I have pre-warned you that when I hear this again I will tell the Minister of Parliament and the Speaker that you will not be attending to any workshops for Members of Parliament.

“You are representing this country, you are representing this Parliament. You have taken an oath to be loyal to this Parliament.

“The Leader of the Opposition has mentioned our responsibilities as MPs, our Code of Conduct. Please be careful.

“When our sports team travel overseas they don’t go individually to represent our country and we should be doing the same. So therefore I will call you Opposition.”

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