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Wednesday April 17, 2019 Written by Published in Politics
Prime minister Henry Puna thanked the members of the previous Crimes Bill select committee in Parliament last week. 19040906 Prime minister Henry Puna thanked the members of the previous Crimes Bill select committee in Parliament last week. 19040906

Parliament last week endorsed new members for various committees looking into the Bills, Standing Orders and the public accounts.


These changes were to accommodate the replacements of former Members of Parliament Toka Hagai and Te-Hani Brown, who were part of these committees.

Prime minister Henry Puna thanked the previous Crimes Bill select committee members for their contribution.

“Before I move the motion, allow me please on our behalf to extend our vote of appreciation to former members of the Select Committee who did an excellent job in taking the draft Crimes Bill to our people,” Puna said.

“In particular I make mention of the former Member for Vaivaitau the Honourable Mona Ioane who was chair of the committee and also the former Member for Rakahanga the Honourable Toka Hagai.”

In a motion, PM Puna moved Mauke MP and the new deputy Speaker Tai Tura replaces Hagai, the newly-appointed Leader of the Opposition Tina Browne replaces former Opposition leader William Heather Jr and MP for Amuri Ureia Terepai Maoate replaces MP Tamaiva Tuavera on the Standing Orders Committee.

He also moved Avatiu-Ruatonga-Palmerston MP Albert Nicholas replaces Hagai and MP for Vaipae Tautu Kitai Manuela replaces MP Maoate on the Special Select Committee on Bills.

On the Public Accounts Committee, PM Puna moved MP for Mitiaro Tuakeu Tangatapoto replaces Hagai and Oneroa MP Weslley Kareroa replaces Te-Hani Brown.

Police minister Vaine “Mac” Mokoroa then moved a motion on establishment of a Crimes Bill select committee to complete public consultations on the Bill and report all progress and findings to Parliament by December this year.

Mokoroa proposed the committee comprise Tingika Elikana as chairman and Tura, Patrick Arioka, Tereapii Maki Kavana, Selina Napa, Tetangi Matapo and William Heather as members.

An Infrastructure Bill Select Committee was also established comprising Infrastructure minister Robert Tapaitau as the chairman. The members include Elikana, Albert Nicholas, Patrick Arioka, Tamaiva Tuavera, Agnes Armstrong and Tina Browne.

In moving the motion, Leader of the House Elikana said the committee was to report on its findings at the next sitting of Parliament due to some urgency on that Bill.

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