Govt in no hurry on poll

Tuesday April 09, 2019 Written by Published in Politics

Prime minister Henry Puna said they do not want to jump to conclusions regarding the issue of a snap election.


During question and answer session on day one of Parliament sitting yesterday, Matavera MP Vaitoti Tupa asked Puna whether there was a snap election looming.

Tupa said there was a lot of confusion amongst the people regarding the issue.

In reply, PM Puna said he did not understand the purpose of MP Tupa’s question.

He said the northern group islands of Manihiki, Rakahanga, Pukapuka were ready for a snap election but whether other constituencies were seeking similar move was unknown.

Puna said government was all about numbers and they were in a strong position.

He also said they would not rush into any decisions regarding a snap election anytime soon.

Government holds a slight majority on 12 seats while the Opposition has 11 seats. However with MP Nooroa Baker absent from this Parliament sitting due to family matters, the Opposition numbers are down to 10.

Matavera MP Tupa also posed a question regarding Te Mato Vai, seeking clarification on the total cost of the project aimed at delivering potable water on Rarotonga.

Deputy prime minister Mark Brown, who is also the finance minister, said there was no additional cost and the final cost of the project would be determined once it was completed.

The total cost of Te Mato Vai is believed to be about $90 million.

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