Forgery complaint against MP

Saturday March 23, 2019 Written by Published in Politics

Police have confirmed they have received a complaint related to a prominent Member of Parliament of the Cook Islands.


The CI News understands that the serious complaint involves the discovery of forged signatures on cheques presented to several stores on the island by the accused MP.

A source directly involved in the matter said the accused is a signatory on a family bank cheque account along with another family member -  their two signatures are required to sign these cheques.

The MP is accused of intentionally forging the signature of the other family member’s name on a significant number of cheques, said the source.

Phone calls from concerned business owners as well as the bank were received by the “other person” named on the cheque account. This person was unaware at the time his signature had been forged.

The accused has presented the cheques with the other person’s falsified signatures to various businesses on the island that include a jewellery store, a home-ware and surf shop, a food take-away outlet, a general store and several others.

To date, it is understood that the value involved in the forged cheques amounts to approximately $15,000.

Cook Islands Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt confirmed a complaint was received relating to the accused.

It is understood that police investigations are continuing into the alleged forgery of more of the signed cheques.

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