Youth council’s new execs

Thursday March 21, 2019 Written by Published in Politics

Last week on March 13 the Cook Islands National Youth Council (CINYC) elected the 2019 -2021 executive committee at their triennial general meeting held at the Atiu hostel.


Youth representatives from the Catholic church, Seventh Day Adventists, Celebration on the Rock, Cook Islands Christian Church, Te Ipukarea Society, Rotaract, and each of the islands in the Cook Islands were present to elect the new CINYC executives.

Representatives from the Pa Enua also attended a three-day seminar aimed at enhancing digital capacity and increasing awareness around youth-related issues, topics of discussion were presented by Tuaine Manavaroa (Senior Youth Advisor) - National Youth Policy consultation, Daniel Fisher - media training, Ministry of Health - Mental Health wellness and wellbeing training.

Former president, Sieni Tiraa said: “I’m pleased with the number of people who were present at the general meeting and excited with the results of the new office bearers for CINYC.”

Tiraa acknowledged former CINYC members in her president’s report stating that: "The past three years of projects and activities that CINYC has been a part of would not have taken place, had it not been for the passion, drive and commitment of the hard working team of CINYC volunteers." 

The 2019-2021 CINYC executive members are as follows: President - Tereapii Tumutoa, Vice President (South) -  Sieni Tiraa, Vice President (North) -  Iokopeta Williams, Secretary -  Paiere Tangata, Treasurer -  June Kokaua, Committee members - Daniel Fisher, Tiata Tupou, Byron Brown and Claytoncy Taurarii.

CINYC would like to acknowledge Air Rarotonga for their sponsorship in ensuring the participation of our Southern Group participants. 

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