Double party for MP Brown

Thursday March 21, 2019 Written by Published in Politics
Double party for MP Brown

Re-elected MP Te-Hani Brown had to postpone her birthday celebrations leading up to Monday’s by-election on Atiu for fear of it being misconstrued by her opposition as “treating”.

Brown, who turned 23 last week, is the youngest MP in the history of Cook Islands politics.

In lead up to her re-election, she said a lot of her supporters who have been involved with politics for decades said this had been one of the most vicious campaigns they have ever experienced.

“Especially with news of potential petitions coming in almost every day for the most ridiculous reasons. From my experience, that’s just how I’ve always thought the ball of politics rolls,” Brown said.

“My people refused to go down the same road as the former MP for Rakahanga and had been a little too cautious for my liking. To the point where, we weren’t sure if going to our family’s houses to eat was going to call for a petition!

“It’s funny because I wasn’t allowed to celebrate my birthday last weekend because they (my supporters) didn’t want to create any faults – but now, I guess we have more reason to celebrate.”

Brown said the threats of potential petition had only made her team stronger and brought the family of supporters closer.

“It is really disheartening that you can’t even share a cup of tea with your elders or just a glass of water with your supporters because they don’t want to risk bringing up a petition,” she said.

“That’s only a small percentage of the reality of this past month we’ve come through - but that’s how eager they are to see our projects move along without any potential distractions.

“I will not dwell any longer on the negatives or dirty tactics used against us because I don’t want to give it anymore recognition.

“We know the opposition has been trying to find faults and loopholes but we’ve taken it all on the chin and campaigned as clean, and as ethically as possible.”

Brown also clarified suggestions by some critics that she is being influenced by her parents on her political decisions.

These suggestions were further fueled by her resignation from her seat which she won under Democratic Party last year and decision to re-contest as an independent candidate.

“Before I agreed to take this on, a lot of people from Atiu were asking me to re-think my decision, some even begged. It is no secret they wanted my dad to stand but knew I was probably the next best thing,” Brown said.

“I felt for them knowing I could help them. Besides, there was a lot of support from the people that pulled me in.

“It’s time to move forward and get things done. We’re no longer sitting around waiting for things, we’re making things happen in 2019.”

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