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Leading the way in UAE

Friday February 08, 2019 Written by Published in Politics

Prime minister Henry Puna will be attending the World Government Congress in Abu Dhabi this week after an invitation by His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the United Arab Emirates.


The World Government Summit is an annual event held in Dubai, UAE, and it brings together leaders in government for a global dialogue about governmental process and policies with a focus on the issues of futurism, technology and innovation, as well as climate change.

This year the Cook Islands will be leading the debate on renewable energy and leadership as essential for Sustainable Development Goals, and why this is of such importance not only for the country and region but also for the world.

Puna will be speaking at a SDGs High-Level Panel Session on the “Essential Role of Leadership in Accelerating the Achievements of SDGs.”

Along with Maria Fernanda Espinoza Garcés, president of the General Assembly, United Nations, Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin, senior vice president, World Bank Group and Dr Ban Ki-Moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The summit acts as a knowledge exchange hub between government officials, thought leaders, policy makers and private sector leaders, said Puna, and as an analysis platform for the future trends, issues and opportunities facing humanity. The summit hosts more than 90 speakers from 150 participating countries along with 4000 attendees.

Enhancing the lives of seven billion citizens across the world, the World Government Summit organisation aspires to improve the lives of citizens across the world by empowering institutions and decision-makers with the knowledge to shape a better future.

The World Government Summit is the only global organisation dedicated to shaping the future of governments and setting the agenda for the next generation of governments worldwide and provides a unique platform to showcase and exchange best practices and smart solutions to the challenges that nations face.

It comprises a wide network of leaders of the public and private sectors, and inspires them to think collectively and creatively about disruptive intersections between government and innovation, with the ultimate goal of promoting development and prosperity.

PM Puna will be accompanied by Office of the Prime Minister chief of staff, Ben Ponia.

All costs related to the World Government Summit have been met by the United Arab Emirates and the World Government Summit organisation.


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