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Updating e-contacts

Tuesday February 05, 2019 Written by Published in Politics

The Labour and Consumer Services division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in the process of updating its e-database that provides a contact list for all businesses situated in Rarotonga and the Outer Islands.


The purpose of having a comprehensive contact list is to facilitate communications between the ministry and all stakeholders and spreading information about employee and employer rights and duties as widely and effectively as possibly. 

In addition, the Labour and Consumer Services will have vital broadcast information in regards to other consultations that will take place throughout this year.

A number of priority projects are underway, in particular, the 2019 Minimum Wage Review and the ongoing Occupational Safety and Health reform.

Having an up-to-date contact list is therefore essential to keep all our stakeholders informed of timely developments and share important documents for review and comments.

All businesses are therefore invited to contact our office via email, phone or Facebook to provide the necessary contact details.