Teina Rongo offers to be stand-in help for RAPPA

Wednesday November 14, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

RAPPA Democratic Party candidate Dr Teina Rongo says given that prime minister Henry Puna and Speaker of Parliament Niki Rattle are unwilling to divulge the whereabouts of former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament Albert Nicholas, he is willing to take up the responsibilities of the absent MP.


Nicholas apparently left the Cook Islands immediately after results of the general election petition hearings were announced.

The sacked Cabinet minister, who appeared gaunt and tired when he flew back to Rarotonga from New Zealand shortly before the June 14 general elections, reportedly spent many weeks receiving medical care earlier this year.

He is said to have been treated at both Rarotonga Hospital and at hospitals in Auckland, New Zealand, but so far, the government has offered no explanations for the MP’s lengthy absence.

And now a fed-up Rongo says he is going to take up some of the duties that the missing Nicholas should be performing in his far-flung electorate.

“I am inviting everyone living in the constituency to contact me,” he says. 

“If it’s a small issue or large concern, let me know and I will come to see you.  We are now officially in cyclone season, and I am happy to help our community to be prepared.”

“It’s been over three months since the RAPPA electoral petition judgment. And while it’s not fair for the residents of RAPPA to continue to be without the presence of their elected and paid Member of Parliament, I thought that as I was the other candidate in the elections, it is only right for me to offer my stand-in help for RAPPA at this crucial time. 

“One request for assistance has been submitted to government and there are others,” Rongo added.

“The challenge remains for the prime minister and the Speaker of Parliament to compel Albert Nicholas to resign, but if in the event Nicholas doesn’t resign, then parliament must be called to deal with his absence.”

Rongo’s recent calls for the prime minister to “come clean” on Nicholas’ absence met with no reply.

He says he can be contacted on 70160.


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