Mokoroa reveals plans for Nikao-Panama

Saturday November 03, 2018 Written by Published in Politics
Minister for Police and Internal Aff airs and Nikao-Panama MP Vaine (Mac) Mokoroa. 18110225 Minister for Police and Internal Aff airs and Nikao-Panama MP Vaine (Mac) Mokoroa. 18110225

Minister for Police and Internal Affairs and Nikao-Panama MP Vaine (Mac) Mokoroa has reassured his people that he will keep his constituency abreast of all developments.


Mokoroa began a planned series of meetings starting on Wednesday this week at Apii Nikao, involving the community to discuss projects planned for the constituency.

The aim of the meetings is to collect feedback from the community on issues that will help contribute to the constituency and the people.

On Wednesday’s meeting, which attracted much interest, Mokoroa provided information and updates on the projects being planned for Nikao-Panama.

The constituency does not have facilities to provide clean drinking water and Mokoroa assured residents they will have four drinking water filtration systems in each tapere – Pokoinu, Tepuka, Ranigura and Turama, giving easy access for children involved in sports and other village activities.

He said the village was always hosting events and to help the community, he had secured cooking roasters for each tapere. It was just one of many similar projects underway, he added.

“We are in the process of installing street lights for our constituency. The first set has been installed on the hospital road for our children and also those who exercise early in the morning up the hospital road.”

Mokoroa also wants to get a better reach in his community through re-establishing and strengthening his tapere committees and creating a dynamic team of movers and shakers to help complete the many projects planned for each tapere.

At the meeting, he spoke about empowering youth by finding avenues, such as workshops, scholarships, etc, where each young person in Nikao can be nurtured to reach their full potential.

He also recognised the Nikao business community, calling on the commercial minds of Nikao to find ways to improve business development at all levels, including cottage industries.

“It will be great if Nikao had its own Chamber of Commerce, whose primary objective is to help create opportunities for wealth generation across all levels of our community, thus supporting the platform of our first elder statesman Papa Arapati when he demanded that no one is left behind,” Mokoroa said.

The catalyst for this, he said, would be the Nikao Social Centre night market.

Infrastructure - roads, water and waste is another key item on Mokoroa’s agenda and he said plans were already in place, with the support of Infrastructure Cook Islands, to look into these areas.

For the elderly, he is keen on improving the current welfare systems and seeking initiatives to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of senior citizens.

Mokoroa says he knows that for Nikao to grow and prosper, “everyone needs to step up to the plough, take a firm hold of the till and work together as one.”


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