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Election: View the preliminary results

Tuesday July 08, 2014 Written by Published in Politics
Election: View the preliminary results

Keep up to date with the election results as they trickle in. This page lists the preliminary results from the July 9 vote.

The final vote count will include roughly 400 advanced votes, at least 100 postal votes and another 100 votes by declaration - all having the potential to fundamentally shift the final results.

Speaking on Cook Islands Radio, Chief Electoral Officer Taggy Tangimetua said the final vote count is expected to begin on Monday, with official results scheduled for release on Friday.

You can keep up with the results and other election information on Twitter, hashtag #CookIslandsElection.




OCI - George Maggie Angene, 428

Demo- Lee Harmon, 232

CIP - Isaia Willie Jnr, 164

Voters on roll: 1167


CIP - Teariki Heather, 172

Demo - Nooroa O Teariki Baker, 159

Voters on roll: 516


CIP - Mark Brown, 280

Demo - Tuaputa Petero Dyer, 158

Voters on roll: 733


CIP - John M.T. Henry, 222

Demo - Albert T. K. Nicholas, 244

Voters on roll: 713


Demo - Ngamau Mere Munokoa, 352

CIP - Piritau Nga, 199

Voters on roll: 1063


Demo - James Beer, 197

CIP - Patrick Akaiti Arioka, 187

Voters on roll: 561


CIP - Atatoa Joseph Herman, 156

IND - Teina Mackenzie, 65

Demo - Tamaiva Tuavera, 219

Voters on roll: 665


IND - Teava Iro, 90

CIP - Teariki Matenga Jnr, 205

Demo - Selina Napa, 283

Voters on roll: 865


CIP - David T. Akanoa, 196

Demo - William Heather Jnr, 341

Voters on roll: 875


Demo - Cassey Tereapii Eggelton, 241

CIP - Kiriau Turepu, 248

Voters on roll: 610


Outer Islands



Demo - Terepai Maoate Jnr, 119

CIP - Toanui Isamaela, 185

Voters on roll: 367


OCI - Teina Bishop, 176

Demo - Teuira Manuela Ka, 78

Voters on roll: 322


Demo - Kete Ioane, 143

CIP - Mona Ioane Kake, 157

Voters on roll: 405




CIP - Poroaiti Arokapiti, 56

Demo - Kareroa Wesley, 108

Voters on roll: 196

Ivirua (Uncontested)

Demo - Jim Marurai

Voters on roll: 74


Demo - Tetangi Matapo, 23

CIP - Tokorua Pareina, 23

Voters on roll: 60




CIP - Rose Toki-Brown, 61

Demo - Norman George, 42

Voters on roll: 133


CIP - Nandi Glassie, 77

Demo - Eugene Tatuava, 64

Voters on roll: 184



Demo - Hugh Richard Graham, 38

CIP - Tai Tura, 76

OCI - Tungane Williams, 56

Voters on roll: 207



Demo - Tangata Vavia, 45

CIP - Tuakeu Tangatapoto, 39

Voters on roll: 133



CIP - Toka Hagai, 34

Demo - Taunga Toka, 16

Voters on roll: 66



Demo - Tereapii Piho, 66

CIP - Henry Puna, 64

Voters on roll: 155



CIP - Tekii Lazaro, 117

Demo - Vai Taimaiti Peua, 104

OCI - Tai Ravarua, 21

Voters on roll: 288



CIP - Willie John, 47

Demo - Wilkie Olaf Patua Rasmussen, 55

Voters on roll: 156


  • Comment Link Apii Tuesday, 15 July 2014 13:50 posted by Apii

    Can you update da final result ..!! Thank you

    Editor's note: Kia Orana Apii, the final vote count isn't quite finished, though six of the candidates have been announced. You can read about it here: http://www.cookislandsnews.com/national/politics/item/47595-election-results-announced
    The full results are expected by Friday.

  • Comment Link Mel Kernahan Saturday, 12 July 2014 21:44 posted by Mel Kernahan

    Kia orana, Wilkie
    Is it too soon to say Congratulations? Looks close. Best of luck to you. May your dreams come true. You deserve it.
    fondly, mel

  • Comment Link Daniel ioane Saturday, 12 July 2014 15:44 posted by Daniel ioane

    Congrats to who deserves the role . 9 more years until my name is known as PM . Good shot junior

  • Comment Link Raina Piniata Thursday, 10 July 2014 22:58 posted by Raina Piniata

    Kia orana e kia manuia to those who had succeed and also to those who failed. It's a very tide election, just checking with the tally results . . . no quaranty govt. yet, things changed after the final votes are counted in a weeks' time . . . so good luck to the THREE parties . . . mou te ko mou te here . . . i - o - ko - ko . . .kakite ! ! !2.

  • Comment Link Tata Crocombe Thursday, 10 July 2014 09:15 posted by Tata Crocombe

    Kia Orana

    Would it be possible to;

    1. Put in the number of registered voters in each electorate as you have in the paper; and
    2. Provide the same data for the last election so one can see what changes there have been in numbers of voters and voting patterns; and
    3. Present it in a downloadable Excel spread sheet so it can be updated with the special votes etc.?

  • Comment Link Manava Wednesday, 09 July 2014 21:44 posted by Manava

    Congratulations to all the Demo candidates who have done well in this election and all the best with the final count should you lead a prominent government fairly soon....Thank you for a Demo lead leader in my village Avatiu and as well as aunty Mau in Nikao...Yes, real people like you who remained in our village since your beginning knew well what it takes to bring prosper to this heaven on earth of a paradise for us Blessings....continue to do well....hahahaha ....kua atea koe Arapati...kare e angai puaka akou na Ropati...lol

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