The Opposition has cautioned the government against spending money on establishing Punanga Nui Market as a separate Crown agency through legislation. 

The Prime Minister confirmed other Cabinet ministers are keen to take on more responsibilities.

PM takes on 17 portfolios

Thursday October 08, 2020

The makeup of Prime Minister Mark Brown’s Cabinet since taking office last week has been revealed. 

‘Democracy must be served’

Wednesday October 07, 2020

Local water lobby group Te Vai Ora Maori is calling for the resignation of the Speaker of the House Niki Rattle. 

‘Separation of powers’

Monday October 05, 2020

Speaker Niki Rattle reiterated that Parliament cannot tell government to stop whatever they are doing due to its separation of powers.

The Opposition made attempts to bolster their numbers in the House in the lead-up to the swearing-in of Mark Brown as the new Prime Minister. 

A former Clerk of Parliament says the confidence motion in the new prime minister tabled by former PM Henry Puna “was not required”. 

‘The journey has been worth it’

Thursday October 01, 2020

Henry Puna stepped down from Prime Minister’s role with message of togetherness. 

Man of the moment

Thursday October 01, 2020

During these tough times, a nation needs strong leadership - Mark Brown and his new Cabinet members have stepped up to take on the challenge.

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