Golf and raffle fund Atiu appeal

Friday September 13, 2019

The Democratic party are fundraising to pay for their court appeal on the Atiu petition.

Twenty working days for government to justify 45 per cent pay rise – or face formal complaint.

War of words over minister

Thursday June 20, 2019

The government and opposition are engaging in a war of words over the appointment of Toka Hagai as a seventh minister.

Distributing portfolios among the six ministers more fairly would be a sensible approach rather than appointing a seventh minister, says the Democratic Party.

Speaker Niki Rattle says Parliamentary rule changes will allow for more sitting days. And that's backed by the prime minister.

Disputes with landowners over the multi-million dollar Te Mato Vai project can be resolved, government says.

Government will move to amend its Budget today, to provide an extra $300,000 for refurbishments to Parliament’s debating chamber.

Speaker Rattle returns

Monday June 10, 2019

Parliament’s Speaker Niki Rattle returns today to preside over the rest of the session, after travelling to Auckland with her sick husband who needed hospital treatment.

The onus is on parents to ensure their children wear helmets at all times while riding a motorbike, says police minister Mac Mokoroa.

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