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Outer Islands

Project extends to outer islands

Thursday April 13, 2017

CITC’s Recycle Station project is expanding to the outer islands and now Mangaia School has a recycling centre of its own. 

Amuri made a double scoop in the Te Vaka O Ru (TVOR) competition which is mirrored on Rarotonga’s successful Vaka Pride competition for Aitutaki.

Facilities to secure the assets of each fishing club in the northern islands have been developed since reformation of the Cook Islands Fishing Association (CIF) in 2010.

On the evening of April 4, the Community Division of Tongareva’s island government launched their first publication, Te Rito of Tongareva.

Power upgrades for two islands

Wednesday April 05, 2017

South Canterbury, New Zealand -based NETcon Ltd has signed a $3.9 million Asian Development Bank contract to upgrade medium and low voltage networks on Mauke and Mitiaro

The Nikao Growers Association has received a timely boost to acquire much needed materials to help improve the productivity of its members.

On Thursday last week, the Rakahanga Vaine Tini joined with the Rakahanga Fishing Association members to hear a presentation from Cook Islands National Council of Women president Vaine Wichman on the main findings from Te Ata o te Ngakau’ report.

The former chairman of the Aitutaki Power Station Authority is adamant all funds accumulated by the entity from the island’s residents paying their power bills, rightfully belongs there.

Atiu should lead itself, says Brown

Wednesday March 29, 2017

A government of national unity would let Atiu and not the Cook Islands government, run the island, says Atiu MP and opposition coalition parliamentary leader, Rose Brown.

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