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Palmerston House development begins

Monday January 28, 2019 Written by Published in Outer Islands
Palmerston House development begins

It will be an exciting year for the Palmerston community as they prepare for the groundbreaking ceremony for Palmerston House.


The Palmerston House will finally begin development on February 13 with a groundbreaking ceremony which involves the “turning of the first sod” and the “laying of the cornerstones” by representatives of the various branches of the Marsters family. 

Family and friends from New Zealand and Australia will also join the ceremony to commemorate the beginning of the Palmerston House development.  Over the last few years the committees on Rarotonga, New Zealand and Australia have been working hard to raise enough funds to build the smallest populated island in the Cook Islands and the Marsters family a hostel alongside all others in Maraerenga, Tupapa. 

Secretary of the Palmerston Hostel Trust, Lydia Sijp is very grateful for the support from the families, friends and community to assist in achieving this dream. “Our team is small but very hard working and for now we have enough to get the building off the ground.”

“There is still more to be done in terms of fundraising to complete the House, so we will continue to work towards this aim,” continues Sijp. 

“This is a very big milestone for many of us, especially to those who have been behind the project since its inception over 20 years ago. It is very humbling and emotional to finally see all the hard work of many families and friends come to fruition.  Sadly, many of our most dedicated family members have passed away.  But I hope that some of their children and families will be able to witness the fruit of their parent’s efforts.  Palmerston House should also be dedicated to their memory, when completed.  It is a legacy that will live on for our future generation to enjoy,” said chairman of the Palmerston Hostel Trust, Sir Tom Marsters.

Work has already begun with the clearing of the property but the real development of the land will start on February 4 to prepare it for the much anticipated groundbreaking ceremony on February 13. The expected timeline for the completion of Palmerston House is July 8.

“This project means so much to the all those that have been a part of the 20 year journey and we thank you all for your support and with all your help, we look forward to the dream of our own home becoming a reality in 2019.”

Palmerston House is the last of the hostels to be built making it very special.

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