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Charity walk for injured player

Saturday October 06, 2018 Written by Published in Outer Islands

The Pukapuka Community on Rarotonga will be holding a fundraising walk from Ngatangiia to Punanga Nui Market this morning for their son Tuarii SV Turaki, who once upon a time was the poster boy for Cook Islands Tourism.


The 33-year-old who was well known around the globe as a Cook Islands ambassador, dancer and performer was unfortunately injured during a community rugby league game between Griffith Pukapuka and Mildura Tigers in Australia. He was taken to the Griffith Hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken atlas c1 neck bone. He was then air lifted to Sydney hospital for further testing.

This incident has left the family under financial stress around medical and everyday living costs. SV will not be able to work and provide for a period of time.

A Facebook fundraiser account has been set up for him by his Rugby Club the Mildura Tigers with a set target of $20,000.

Through the initiative of Poti Maeva and the support of the Pukapuka Rarotonga Community leaders in a small meeting held on Thursday night at the Pukapuka Hostel, they’ve come up with the idea to do a walk through town collecting donations of any amount from the generosity of the Rarotonga Community.

The walk will begin from the Ngatangiia Meetinghouse in Muri just before 7am and will end at the Punanga Nui Market with perfomances from the young men of Wale.

Maeva is also calling on all the young able bodied men and women of Pukapuka living on Rarotonga to please come to the Pukapuka Hall tonight from 6pm onwards to practice for tomorrow’s performances.

For those wanting to make donations, you can contact Poti Maeva on 52-073.

Atawai wolo ye maneke.

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