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MMR surveys Mangaia lagoon and reef

Friday April 06, 2018 Written by Published in Outer Islands

The Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) conducted assessments and surveys of the lagoon and outer reef in Mangaia last month.


The team of six was led by MMR senior marine ecologist Dr. Lara Ainley and included Mangaian fisheries officer Tua Matepi, marine scientists James Kora and Kirby Morejohn, Ridge to Reef project officer Teariki Rongo, and MMR’s communications officer, Helen Greig.

The MMR team recorded species of fish and invertebrates found in the various survey areas. The team also had a number of engagements whilst in Mangaia, including meetings with the Mangaia Island Council, the Aronga Mana, representatives from the Mangaia Island Fishing Association, and a presentation at Mangaia School.

Mangaia is unique in the way it manages its marine resources. The island is divided into six districts and each district has a chief.

Each district is divided into sub-districts and is under the control of a lesser chief. The boundary of each district is from the Rangimotia mountain at the centre of the island, to the reef on either side of the district.

Each chief manages their own sub-district, including the setting and lifting of ra’ui (banning collection of seafood).

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