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Araura blesses prefects

Sunday March 10, 2013 Written by Published in Outer Islands

Araura College prefects were praised and blessed during their investiture on Friday March 1 in their school hall.

The annual event was very colourful and the sweet fragrance of the flower ei flowed throughout the hall during the ceremony.

School principal Tarona Daniela welcomed all guests and all who were present.

Many invited guests attended the massive occasion including his worship mayor John Baxter who was privileged to present the badges to all the female prefects while his deputy Tekura Bishop presented the boys badges.

A motivational speech by Pacific Resort Aitutaki front office manager Talei Barber kept the students quiet and interested during her whole speech.

The students cheered as every prefect was announced and the pride and joy of each parent shone as they presented the ei to their children.

The announcement of the head boy and girl and their deputies were left to the end despite no one in the hall knowing who would be nominated.

A huge cheer erupted every time each leader and deputy was announced.

Jamayne Nooroa Ioane was chosen as head boy and Charlotte Lockington Pera his female counterpart.

Teremoana Aurupa Jr was elected deputy head boy and Alone Joseph as the deputy head girl.

Father Falsteno of the Aitutaki Catholic Parish blessed the prefects and wished them a great year of responsibilities. Good luck to all Araura College Prefects for 2013.

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