Outer Islands

Fears for the safety of fellow fishermen on an outer island have prompted a Rarotonga club into action.

Phase one of a major solar-array installation on Aitutaki is near completion.

Donations for Palmerston House

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Communities donating food and hosting meals for the workers and volunteers of the Palmerston House construction have been tremendous.

Parua Ariki Upokoina Kea has kindly donated five framed photographs to his home island’s hostel.

The Marsters families are enthused with the progress of the Palmerston House site since work started on February 4.

The committee overseeing the construction of Palmerston House has set July 8, 2019, as the opening date of the building.

Safety rails off to Mangaia

Friday February 01, 2019

The elderly and people with disability (Elderbility) living on the island of Mangaia will soon receive “grab hand rails” that will help out with daily usual routines of their lives.

It will be an exciting year for the Palmerston community as they prepare for the groundbreaking ceremony for Palmerston House.

Aitutaki makes waves on Shipwrecked

Tuesday January 15, 2019

Britain’s Channel 4 reality show Shipwrecked will feature Aitutaki after being filmed on the island last year.

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