CI-born Kiwi looking to connect

Monday August 20, 2018

A New Zealand woman who was born in the Cook Islands almost 56 years ago left when she was two and recently returned for the first time to “make some memories”.

A year after his birth in 1961, Cook Islands Meteorological Service director Arona Ngari and his family moved to Manihiki. 

NZ disaster team visits

Saturday August 18, 2018

A disaster management team from New Zealand has spent the past week in Rarotonga training staff at the New Zealand High Commission (NZHC) and meeting with some of their counterparts in the Cook Islands government.

The Vaka Pride judging for round nine of the competition was held at the end of June and the results for the Mana Tiaki champions are out for each judging category. 

An open prayer breakfast will be held tomorrow at the Avarua Gateway AOG Church in Takuvaine to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary with the 2018 pilgrimage team.

An unveiling for two ariki

Thursday August 16, 2018

A special double unveiling took place for two Rongomatane Ariki in the Ngati Makea royal burial grounds at Taputapuatea on Tuesday afternoon.

Te Are Manu veterinary service has recently treated a number of animals that have fallen victim to the poisonous ciguatera toxin after eating fish from the lagoon.

Fire brigade a real success story

Saturday August 11, 2018

Residents of a village have worked together to create an institution that not only helps to safeguard the 2000 Takitumu residents and buildings that surround the station, but also those across Rarotonga during fire emergencies.

Chiefs ponder legislating customs

Saturday August 11, 2018

The House of Ariki has revived talk of legislating customary values to ensure their rights on certain issues are protected under Cook Islands law.

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