OPINION: Electronic consumption is on the rise worldwide and right here on our little paradise in the Cook Islands. But what happens with your old broken electronic appliances?

It was 2008 that Parliament first proposed to make motorbike helmets compulsory. This weekend, Aronga Mana and MPs have joined forces to ask Government not to rush the plans. 

Bank must reward trust – CEO

Saturday March 07, 2020

Bank of South Pacific profits soared 11.1 per cent last year, the company reports.

United Nations human rights committee challenges Cook Islands to tackle rising suicide rates, substance abuse and mental health issues among Cook Islands youth. 

Mental health campaigner says it’s OK to show vulnerability, to talk and to give. 

Smile, you’re on candid camera!

Thursday March 05, 2020

Big brother is watching you – but you have nothing to fear as long as you behave!

Government is set to head into arbitration process with the Chinese contractor in a bid to recoup $17 million repair cost on the Rarotonga water supply system.

Fishing crew get virus OK

Thursday March 05, 2020

The Spanish purse-seining vessel Rosita C is anchored off Rarotonga for a compliance inspection and change of crew.

Dealing with conflict the old way

Wednesday March 04, 2020

Instead of marching off to court, today’s mediators are being trained to offer us new solutions – inspired in part by traditional resolutions.

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