CITC Liquor are supporting the BCI Opera in Rarotonga in 2019 with Lawsons Dry Hill estate Wines.

The vaka Marumaru Atua is moving further east towards the Cook Islands, according to the crews’ journal updates they hope they are moving towards home waters.

The new Seabed Minerals (SBM) draft bill is now available on the Seabed Minerals Authority (SBMA) website.

Marae Moana Act draws criticism

Thursday May 30, 2019

A workshop attended by community leaders and fisheries experts last week poked holes in the idea that the Marae Moana Act, which prioritises conservation in the Cook Islands’ marine space, restricts the country’s earning potential.

Talbot completes 3000 km

Thursday May 30, 2019

James Talbot has walked 3000 kilometres through and is expected to be in Cape Reinga on June 11.

The amazing voices of Pasifika Opera singers will grace  the Cook Islands once again.

The Teau Vainetini tivaivai (hand embroidery) sewing group of Puaikura are exhibiting their beautiful creative pieces at the Calvary Hall this week until Friday.

The Cook Islands National Museum received a unique set of ancient stone adze heads and pounders last week. The four large ancient stone adzes and two stone pounders were gifted by Vaine Veiao on behalf of the Teariki Veiao family.  The stone adzes are ancient cutting tools similar to an axe.

A feast of culinary art and fine dining was enjoyed at a classy dinner party in aid of young kayakers on Saturday night.

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