Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

Taking the family out sailing on Aitutaki lagoon with Captain Ted Tavai is a reminder of just how lucky we are – and how important it is to value that by supporting our local businesses.

Learning basic marine survey techniques makes a big difference. 

Do you know who is the Rarotonga artist who has carved a striking design of a whale in a massive basalt rock the size of a van? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


Businesswoman Te’a Crocombe has added Mitihue – a popular Tahitian version of coconut sauce – to her list of products. What’s the name of her business? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


What was Usain Bolt’s top speed when he ran a world record over 100 metres? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


Quarantine Quiz: Electric cars

Saturday July 25, 2020

About how many electric cars are there in Cook Islands? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


In what year did some members of the House of Ariki attempt a coup to dissolve the elected Cook Islands government and take control of the country's leadership? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


All the action was in the second half of this weekend’s key rugby clashes.

‘I am not an extremist’

Monday July 27, 2020

A small group of protesters marched down the main street of Avarua this weekend, objecting to the impact of the To Tatou Vai water project on land rights.

ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had good news, bad news and worse news last night, for those travelling from Cook Islands to New Zealand.

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