Rashneel Kumar

Rashneel Kumar

Supporters have challenged the dismissal of the Clerk of Parliament.

Health officials say they’ve done a thorough risk assessment of the 1000-passenger cruise ship Maasdam, ahead of its arrival at Rarotonga tomorrow.

Eagles soar on attack

Monday March 09, 2020

Wet fans follow teams around island to Muri for six-try bonanza. 

It was a hot as afternoon at the Nikao Fields for the Vodafone Cook Islands Mixed Touch competition.

Duane Wichman-Evans Jr got into acting by chance.

When he was three, he went with his mum Tutevera Wichman, a Cook Islander, to a casting for a health department TV commercial. 

As he sat there waiting for his mother to finish her audition, the casting director spotted him and said he was exactly what they needed for another commercial.  

Arch-rivals Avatiu and Titikaveka will go head to head in round one of the Rarotonga Netball Club competition today.

Titikaveka Bulldogs have forfeited their match against table toppers Avatiu Eels.

The claws come out

Saturday March 07, 2020

A fierce battle for the second spot in the domestic rugby league competition is expected between two former champions. 

A third person has entered “voluntary self-quarantine” on Rarotonga after arriving in Cook Islands from one of the countries listed in the coronavirus-related travel ban.

Tracking a pathogen

Saturday March 07, 2020

A trail of Covid-19 contacts from Italy to New Zealand to Cook Islands provides a textbook example of international cooperation in tracing the virus. 

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