How to drink kava safely – or not at all

Thursday April 02, 2020 Written by Published in Local
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The Fijian community here has been advised to practise social distancing even when around the kava bowl.

Ministry of Health’s Rangi Tairi encouraged Fijians to avoid drinking kava, as it involves scooping the drink and sharing the cup, and it also involves the sharing of cigarettes.

Community vice-president Savenaca Tukitoba said: “Prevention is better than cure. Give up kava for the being.”

If one did decide to join, than it would be better to be in a group of fewer than 10, to take one’s own bilo (kava cup) and cigarette, to sit two metres away from everyone, and to wash your hands with soap and water.

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Association advisor Lai Gukisuva said Covid-19 had made the community think outside of the box and work together in smarter ways.

The association was thankful to 10 individuals who had stepped up to volunteer as Fijian representatives on the 10 puna disaster centres. 

He assured Fijians that puna surveys of residents were focused on Covid-19, and were not mechanisms to identify illegal residents or workers.             

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