Community steps up to help others

Monday March 23, 2020 Written by Published in Local

Businesses and government agencies are looking to make a difference in the coronavirus crisis, each in their own small way.


Cook Islands News has lifted the paywall on its internet site, to ensure the community is well-informed for the duration of the crisis.

“Free access to our website is an interim measure as everyone in the community pulls together against a common enemy,” said publisher John Woods.

To Tatou Vai, the new government-owned water company, is beefing up water cleansing at 10 water stations around the island to improve the quality of water. “We want to do our bit,” said chief executive Greg Longman.

TAV’s Ellena Tavioni has been keeping children occupied with Covid-19 face masks.

RaroCars boss Don Carlaw said they expected to drop hire purchase interest rates from 16.75 per cent to 14.75 per cent. “We will do our best to be socially responsible,” he said.

And Triad fuel boss Chris Vaile said his company would not pass on increased fuel costs to customers.

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