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Friday February 14, 2020 Written by Published in Local
Tapita Ahsin has launched Souber Driving Raro. Photo: Supplied. 20021301 Tapita Ahsin has launched Souber Driving Raro. Photo: Supplied. 20021301

Recent spate of fatal accidents has spurred a Rarotonga resident to start sober driving service on the island.


What is it worth to get yourself and your vehicle home safely after a night on the town?

That’s the question Tapita Ahsin wants people in Rarotonga to ponder, who might think it’s a good idea to drink and drive.

As a mother of young adults, every time Tapita Ahsin reads about fatal road accidents involving drink drivers, she sheds a few tears.

“It saddens me – too many of our people, especially the younger ones have been dying on our roads in Rarotonga,” she said.

For the last three years, Ahsin thought about launching a sober driver service, but the recent spate of fatal accidents finally spurred her into action.

Doing her bit to save the lives of people who choose to drink and get behind the wheel, Ahsin has launched Souber Driver Raro.

“I thought right that’s it - just do it,” she said.

“And yes that how you spell it ‘Souber’.”

A woman of deep Christian faith, Ahsin asked for some divine intervention when thinking about starting a sober driving service on the island.

Souber Driver Raro’s Facebook page was created on February 3, and in less than a week, had received more than 700 likes on Facebook.

One of their main aims is to make sure that people and their vehicles or bikes get home safely after a few drinks.

But they also offer transportation services to cater for hospital appointments, airport pickups and special events.

“We pick you up and drive you home in your car or truck or pick you up and have one of our drivers, ride your bike home,” Ahsin said.

For the month of February, Souber Driver Raro is offering their first ride for any kind donation given.

“We have enjoyed meeting people. The support has been super amazing, it’s like wow! We have been overwhelmed,” she said.

In their first week, Ahsin said her drivers and passengers had so much fun and lots of laughs.

Most of all, it was a blessing, to get people and their vehicles home safely and know that the service is appreciated.

“We would appreciate any suggestions to help us reach more people and help eliminate the threat of driving drunk on our roads in Rarotonga,” Ahsin said.

“Stay alive, don't drink and drive. Call your local, friendly sober driver on 56713.”


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