Runaway developer’s firm faces claims

Tuesday November 05, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Sam Capper and Teau McKenzie. 19103148 Sam Capper and Teau McKenzie. 19103148

CM Contracting Ltd ‘giving building industry a bad name’.

More people are coming forward to echo the experience of a mother and daughter who say they paid developers $162,000 for a home that was never completed.

Emerar Crummer, 93, and her daughter Jackie Brown have been forced to reach deep into their pockets to pay builders and sub-contractors to complete a home on family land in Turangi, overlooking the grave of Crummer’s father.

The builders had stopped work, saying project managers CM Contracting had stopped paying their bills.

For three months their lawyer was unable to pin down the co-founder of CM Contracting Sam Capper, as they tried to get their money back.

Lawyer David McNair said he was representing a second client with the same problem concerning CM Contractors, in a dispute that had not yet gone to court.

And another CM Contracting client Marise Temata came forward yesterday, to say she knew of a few customers unhappy with the company’s service, and called on others to speak out publicly.

She was left with “substandard and unfinished work” on their family home, by a building company working in partnership with CM Contracting.

She was taking legal proceedings and could not comment further.

Temata said she was deeply saddened by the experience in her own home of the Cook Islands, and was seeking answers.

Capper has returned home to New Zealand leaving his partner Teau McKenzie, the co-founder of CM Contracting and former Miss Cook Islands, to try to sort out the business.

Temata said she and others would forgive McKenzie if she could front up and help the people.

McKenzie’s father, Ron McKenzie, said last night that he too was a director of CM Contracting. He said he and his daughter would not comment on their dealings with Jacki Brown.

All Ron McKenzie would say is that Cook Islands News had done “the wrong thing” in reporting CM Contracting’s disputes with customers. The company is registered in both Cook Islands and New Zealand, but took down its website and Facebook page at the weekend.

Last night, Solid Construction director Robbie Daniels said CM Contracting was giving the whole industry a bad name.  

“If the company is in more debt than they are making, they should be shut down,” Daniels said.

It was important for builders and building companies to be experienced with pricing and budgets, he added. “Smart builders know costs and budgets.”


  • Comment Link Aynonomus Tuesday, 12 November 2019 02:37 posted by Aynonomus

    Hey Terresa Andrews,
    Hows about you shut up, and have some Goddam sympathy, what Tina says couldn't be more accurate, it's disgusting, absolutely DISGUSTING the way not only this news site, but media all over the world, make such 1 sided Specticals of stories like these, for all we know Sam Capper may be suffering from some sort of mental illness, let us leave it for the families and the lawyers, to piece this situation back together.

    As for you Carlin Smith
    Clearly you are some sort of expert on cases such as these, I mean you can clearly tell from the intelligent and well thought out way you expressed your opinion on the whole matter.
    Stick that attitude where it fits

  • Comment Link Tina Iro Sunday, 10 November 2019 21:33 posted by Tina Iro

    Cook Islands News I feel you are losing your integrity as the main Newspaper on the island, publishing "name and shame" stories like this. Leave it to the lawyers to sort this out. Teau Mackenzie and Sam Capper will be going through enough stress without any additional negative drama from the public.
    I believe they will put things right asap when they have the resources and finances to do so.

  • Comment Link Carlin Smith Friday, 08 November 2019 13:30 posted by Carlin Smith

    Sam obsconded with the money to buy drugs! He is dodgy as all get out! He needs to be arrested and thrown into jail to rot

  • Comment Link Kathleen Thursday, 07 November 2019 07:01 posted by Kathleen

    Wow, find the culprit!

  • Comment Link Terresa Aretere Andrews Wednesday, 06 November 2019 19:58 posted by Terresa Aretere Andrews

    Wow! this is happening in my country????? our people trust these sweet talking Pakeha people but as always take the money & run. Very common in New Zealand & abroad, but for you to take your shit to my country & hurt my people, especially an elderly lady. Our seniors are the head of our families & what you have done is brought sadness to all of us Cook Islanders. I hope carma will come around & demolish you & your families, you wrotten mongrel.

  • Comment Link Atiu tumu Tuesday, 05 November 2019 21:33 posted by Atiu tumu

    OMG! That's rich comming from R Daniel's lol

  • Comment Link What a joke beyond da joke Tuesday, 05 November 2019 19:54 posted by What a joke beyond da joke

    Yes what a joke

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