Senior citizens after new home

Thursday October 03, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Papa Rongo Ezekiaela, 87, shares some words of encouragement to fellow Are Pa Metua members. 19100255 Papa Rongo Ezekiaela, 87, shares some words of encouragement to fellow Are Pa Metua members. 19100255

“You need to do something for yourself because you can’t depend on anybody.” These were the words of encouragement shared by an elderly member of the Are Pa Metua Centre during International Day of Older Persons celebration in Rarotonga yesterday.


Papa Rongo Ezekiaela, 87, said at a young age his parents had passed way so he made sure he made something of himself.

Ezekiaela said the older citizens of this country needed help which they can only get from their own families or from those in their community.

“But you need to do something for yourself, you can't depend on anyone.”

He encouraged the rest of the 20 members at the Centre that they also needed to take time out for themselves.

President of the Centre Nga Teao-Papatua said the International Day of Older Persons was supposed to be celebrated on Tuesday, however the members had to attend the funeral of Mama Vereara Maeva Taripo, who had been visiting the centre.

Are Pa Metua is a meeting place for mamas and papas on the island, providing a venue for elderly people to read, play cards, watch videos and chat.

It has access to social impact fund under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Teao-Papatua said they were trying to tap into Japanese funds to build a new Centre.

She said the land they currently occupy belongs to Cook Islands Airport Authority.

“We are still looking for vacant land. We were supposed to leave this month and we pray that the Lord touches their heart to keep us here for a while until we get another venue for our accommodation,” she said.

Internal Affairs’ Social Impact Fund coordinator Angeline Tuara encouraged members to try and find a new home.

She said they were not discouraging the members but it only meant doing the same activities at a different venue.

Tuara said the Centre needed to own a piece land in order to attract help from donor agencies.

She added the Social Impact Fund could only assist in furnishing a building.




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