‘We will forever remember you Raro’

Thursday July 11, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Crew on board Argo. Crew on board Argo.

The two-masted Marconi rigged schooner Argo has stopped by in Rarotonga with 17 students from the US and a crew of seven.


The schooner sailed from French Polynesia, the first country on its Pacific voyage. College credits can be earned in marine sciences and seamanship. Students also learn to sail and can become scuba certified.

First officer James Berry joined the ship for the first time on this expedition.

He appreciated the beauty of the landscape, the culture and the warm hospitality from people, most notably “Jack” from Koka Lagoon Cruises whom they shared a meal with on board, after he brought along coconuts for the next leg of their voyage.

With a passion for adventure, Berry has taken time to blog. “So the sun rises and sets on our last full day in Rarotonga, this island has given us many gifts in the form of experiencing its culture, natural beauty, and local populace,” he writes.

“I certainly had many points that stand out to me: the meal out in the village which had us roaring with laughter and transfixed at the traditional display; sitting at the needle, the highest point of the island. Suddenly it goes quiet as everyone is absorbed in the breath-taking natural beauty of this place.

“Jack visiting the boat and being happy as he is bombarded with questions about life here, only growing in enthusiasm as he gives each answer.

“It is time to leave and continue our voyage to new and exciting experiences further afield, but we will forever remember you Rarotonga.”

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