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Day 53: Talbot goes boulder-hopping

Tuesday March 26, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Talbot with Sue Nicolls at Saint Arnaud. 19032502 Talbot with Sue Nicolls at Saint Arnaud. 19032502

James Talbot continues his Creative Trail walk through the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand aiming to raise $300,000.


On Day 50 of his journal, Talbot made it to Waiau Forks campsite.

He said the walk up Waiau Pass Track from the Waiau Hut wasn't too bad to begin with, but it became a boulder-hopping exercise with several river crossings.

Talbot said he found the little campsite at the Waiau Forks after walking 7.1kms in 3.25 hours.

Talbot later went on to Blue Lake Hut the next day and his Day 51 journal showed that Talbot left Waiau Forks and went on the Waiau Pass Route and crossing the Waiau River for the last time.

He said: “I was on the lookout for the red tipped waratah poles ... soon found a few that looked like a direct line straight up the side of the mountain. I sat down and had a quick break and asked God for guidance and strength.”

He said he walked the Waiau Pass and it was tough, steep and rugged as it turned into real mountaineering, climbing with hands.

“I had an epiphany! I was in awe. I was on top of God's creation and the view just took my breath away. I prayed for strength and steady feet for the descent as it would be as tough, maybe worse.”

Talbot made it to Blue Lake Hut in 6.5 hours walking 7.9 kilometres.

On Day 52, Talbot was off to the Upper Travers Hut a distance of 14 kilometres then into Saint Arnaud.

Talbot continued to the West Sabine Hut after walking 6.6 kilometres and later followed the track up to the Travers Saddle 1787metres.

He got to Upper Travers Hut after covering 14 kilometres in 8.5 hours.

On Day 53, from Upper Travers Hut to Saint Arnaud, Talbot said he made his way to the Upper Travers Valley track. Which had good terrain for at least the first five kilometres.

 “After John Tait Hut, then the terrain got rougher in parts, slowing me down. It was mostly through forest.

“Once the valley opened up and I was on Lakehead Track the track changed into tall grass (not tussock, just really tall grass up to 1m high) but with a clear path through ... so it wasn't too bad.”

Talbot said he made arrangement with his next billet, Sue Nicholls to meet at Lakehead Hut and he satellite messaged her.

He said the final eight km stretch changed from flat easy forest pathway to a rugged trail to swampy and felt like they went on forever.

Talbot walked 27.6kilometres in 9.25hours and after meeting Nicholls they went on their accommodation a homestead, family farm, 20kilometres from Saint Arnaud.

“The village of Saint Arnaud was small and fairly nondescript ... the lake was beautiful however.”

Talbot said his next walk is a seven-day push through the Richmond Ranges.

Cook Islands News is challenging businesses in Rarotonga to support Talbot and raise money for the Creative Centre.

Donations can be done through the website, Creative Trail Feb 2019, Give a Little page and so far $9180.00 has been raised. 

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