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Day 14: Talbot hopes for the best

Wednesday February 13, 2019 Written by Published in Local

However, Talbot hopes for the best and strives to complete his journey for the Creative Learning Centre back in Rarotonga.


Talbot is walking the Te Araroa Trail of 3200 kilometres in New Zealand hoping to raise $300,000 for the Creative Learning Centre.

Recently, while in Queenstown, New Zealand Talbot said he had the “worst sleep ever”.

He said some people at the hostel where he had spent the night did not know how to respect other guests.

“People in the hostel just don’t know how to be respectful to other guests .. .slamming doors talking loudly at midnight! I had to use my head phones for the first time,” he said.

Talbot, who reached Rose Hut a day ago, has also highlighted the noise level some people who slept in the same hut as he that night.

With little internet connection, Talbot on his social page said he had another terrible night.

“Early wake up. Idiots in the hut have made so much noise they have woken everyone up.

“I’m just so physically tired it’s not funny ... I’m only going to make it to the next hut ... my body is telling me it needs rest,” he stated.

Talbot said he made it to Highland Creek Hut covering 9.8 kilometres in seven hours.

He says that he is supposed to be in Wanaka, but the terrain has been tough.

Talbot made camp at the hut and was expected to walk 12 kilometres to the road yesterday.

Meanwhile, he urged all those following him on his social page to share the Give a Little Page and make a small donation for the Creative Centre.

“Just a small amount is a great amount. Or be one of 30,000 people to donate $10. Thanking you in advance.”

So far there have been 95 donors who have donated $6480.

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