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Day 10.5: So far 87 donors for Creative Centre

Friday February 08, 2019 Written by Published in Local

James Talbot continues his 3200 kilometre walk in New Zealand along the Te Araroa Trail aiming to raise $300,000 for the Creative Centre in Rarotonga.


He has managed to raise $5320 from 87 donors through the Give a Little page as he continues to walk from Te Anau to the Taipo Hut in Lake Mavora.

Finally giving the full view of his day 10 walk on his Facebook Journal, Talbot said he camped in a noisy camp ground and felt he would be more at peace in a bush.

“I had an opportunity to meet a lovely lady from a local motel. Irene Benfell-Herron who wanted to meet me and donate money ... she gave heaps … we had a bit of an emotional moment (a little overwhelmed) then we gave each other a big hug ... she is following my progress so that's pretty cool.

“I walked out of Te Anau right past a Bank of NZ which had deposit functions so deposited the money in there just got to donate to give a little now when I get internet.

“Walked outside of Te Anau to where the highway began and started hitching and in an hour I moved to a new spot when Rob and Sooji promptly stopped and picked me up to go to Mavora lakes.

“Not only did they take me to Mavora lakes turn off, but they actually drove me right to the end 39kilometres ... I offered up some gas money but they refused. When we got out they offered me some crayfish and beer! I ate the crayfish ... and politely said no to the beer.”

Talbot said: “I couldn't thank them enough they were definitely my angels today, (thank you Jesus). I don't know when I will be getting another ride as most of the way will be on foot.

“Hitching is OK guys. All hikers do it ... I'm no exception ...”

Talbot said he covered his tracks for the day quickly and made it to Taipo Hut.

He added that he continues his four to five walk out to Greenstone Station says: “This is where Kay Richards (my Kinloch billet) will be picking me up.”

Talbot said it was his best day ever.    

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