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Tuesday January 08, 2019 Written by Published in Local

Cook Islander Chris Denny recently returned to Rarotonga and established what he believes is the Cook Islands’ first “24/7” security company, Cook Islands Security (CIS).


Denny, whose mother hails from Mangaia, spent his younger years at Mangaia’s primary school before moving to Rarotonga to begin his secondary school education at Tereora College.

In his formative years Denny left Rarotonga, following his family to New Zealand.

Since then Denny has established a number of reputable security companies in both New Zealand and Australia.

He returned to the Cook Islands earlier last year with the intention of settling in for retirement.

However, after noticing the increasing number of burglaries and theft taking place on the island, Denny saw the need for a 24-hour security company and ditched the idea of retirement to build CIS.

Over the past 2 weeks, Denny and his crew of eight have been patrolling the south side of Rarotonga, offering protection to around 30 tourist accommodation properties. 

The main focus of CIS is protecting visitors.

“The last thing they need while they’re on holiday is to have their money, passports, bank cards, and electronics stolen. It ruins the friendly feel of the island,” explained Denny.

“The concept behind CIS is about establishing a presence. It’s about keeping away the small percentage of Cook Islanders who ruin it for everyone.”

CIS charges resorts, hotels and other small tourist accommodations a small fee in exchange for around-the-clock patrols and protection.

Denny says  the fee is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

He has asked many accommodation providers to join the CIS community and so far none have turned him down.

Every day the CIS team travels around 300kms, continuously patrolling from KAPS in Matavera, all the way to Kavera, checking on the 30 properties that use their service.

Although Denny is grateful for the properties who use his services, he says at least 70 providers need to get on board for the operation to be viable.

Accommodation properties under the protection of CIS can be identified by the small reflective sign displayed at the front of the property.

Denny explained that these are the only properties that CIS can enter and protect. He stressed the importance of preventing crime before it happens - and not after it has occurred.

Denny hopes that in the future more tourist accommodations will see that importance of the service CIS offers, and get on board.

By the end of this month CIS will have a branch in Arorangi, and by the end of March Denny hopes to be protecting tourist accommodation from Matavera to Tupapa. 

            - Teherenui Koteka

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